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Big buckle at Leadville 100 mile.  Want one?

Descending Grant Swamp Pass - Hardrock 100 Photo: Evan Honeyfield

"I would like to thank you sincerely for developing the training plan for me. It did get me to where I wanted to go and opened my eyes quite a bit about structured training.

Looking back now, because I wasn't a serious runner, I definitely had a lofty goal by attempting a 50 mile run. I don't believe I could've done it without your training plan or at least as comfortably anyway."
-Phil B.  Finished the Quicksilver 50 mile race May 2013, his first 50 miler, using Footfeathers' training plan

Training is more than just getting in the miles.  In fact, aimlessly running lots of junk miles might get you injured at worse and just moderately fit at best.  Ultrarunning and other endurance events require quality training with a blend of a solid aerobic base and specific work focused on your goal event.

I'm developing custom personal training programs for the following events:

Way Too Cool 50k
American River 50 mile
Bull Run Run 50 mile
Ice Age 50 mile
Miwok 100k
Western States 100 mile
San Diego 100 mile
Silver Rush 50 mile
Hardrock 100 mile
Leadville 100 mile
Leadman Series
Bear 100 mile
Dick Collins Firetrails 50 mile
Quad Dipsea
North Face 50 miler
Golden Gate Dirty Thirty
Collegiate Peaks 50 mile
Antelope Island events
Mountain Bike endurance events too
(if you have a goal event not listed and want a custom training program, contact me)

Sample plan - Clear, easy to read.  Effective.
3rd place overall at San Diego 100 mile.  Could be you!

Though the programs aren't personal coaching with unlimited contact, they're training schedules tailored specifically to each individual based on experience, ability, available time, goals, and the athlete's location.

We'll start with a detailed questionnaire and a couple phone conversations, then I'll put the schedule together leading right up to your goal event start time, including the taper and race strategy and plan.  You'll know what to do every day to prepare you for the race.

I've run all but two of these and know all of them intimately, the aid stations, terrain, elevation, organization, typical weather conditions, common pitfalls, etc.  If you want to finish your big event and even run it well, then an experienced plan that is followed is the key to success.

Pricing varies based on the event and it's reasonable (like less than $1.70 a day, for a custom daily plan!).  You drop a lot of money on events with entry fees, travel, accommodations, gear, and, of course, personal time invested.  Why not give yourself the best possible chance of accomplishing your goal?

Jogging it in to the finish with one of my athletes, James Ha, in his first marathon and longest run to that date ever.  He went on to complete the North Face 50k seven weeks later!

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