What is Footfeathers Coaching?  
I've been racing in endurance sports since 1988 and have been coaching runners since 2003.  I work with all levels from "off the couch" wanting to run their first road 5k to veteran ultrarunners who want to win a 100 miler and everything in between.  I take a wide view approach and hone the focus not only on the physical improvement of the athlete and practical training and race knowledge but also the mental intricacies that make or break a race (and training).  The weave of the mental and physical aspects are the keys to reaching potential.  The costs are reasonable and the return is life-long.  I also provide mountain bike coaching.

Shoot me an email about full personal coaching or custom schedules for you.  footfeathers [at]

Some bio info:

Name: Tim Long
Sports: Ultrarunning and Mountain Biking
Home: Colorado

Other sports include:
Road Cycling
Snowshoe running

Running and MTB highlights:
Finished 50+ ultras
1st - Crowders Mountain 50k (NC)
1st - Ghost Town 38.5 Mile (NM)
USATF 50k Trail State Champion (FL)
4th - Chatooga River 50k (SC)
5th - Rattlesnake 50k (WV)
6th - Uwharrie 40 Mile (NC)
7th - Bull Run Run 50 Mile (VA)
7th - Golden Gate Dirty Thirty (CO)
7th - Ice Age 50 Mile (WI)
7th - High Mountain 50k (CO)
9th - Bear 100 Mile (UT / ID)
1st - Deadman Peaks 50 Mile (NM) - CR
2nd - Antelope Island 100k (UT)
2nd - Cool Trail Runs 50k (CA)
4th - Mt Carbon 1/2 Marathon (CO)
1st - Grand Mesa 100 Mile (CO)
2nd – Slickrock 50k (UT)
15th – Leadville 100 Mile (CO)
1st - American Canyon 50k (CA) – CR
1st – Bay Breeze Half Marathon (CA)
2nd – Nitro Trail Half Marathon (CA)
2nd – Wildcat Trail Half Marathon (CA)
1st – 2010 and 2012 Diablo 50k (CA) - CR
10th - Miwok 100k (CA)
3rd- San Diego 100 Mile (CA)
2 time Hardrock 100 finisher (both directions)
5th - RimRock Marathon (CO)
Leadville 100 mile MTB
Silver Rush 50 mi MTB
MTB Growler races both 32 mi and 64 mi back to back days
18 Hrs of Fruita MTB
12 Hrs of Temecula MTB
Cowbell 12 Hr MTB

Here's what clients have to say:

I have never laughed as hard and learned as much about trail running in one morning! These clinics are a must for trail runners and are a great excuse to hit the Headlands for a run... Tim Long is not just an accomplished athlete and writer (read his blog, hilarious), but his coaching skills address all levels of runners regardless of pace or distance goals! Attended an outstanding hill clinic by Coach Tim Long today in the Marin Headlands... This man is a must if you are looking to improve your running - regardless of your race goals.

-Liana (Hill Run Clinic participant, CA)


Another great weekend of running clinics and running groups! Everyone had such great things to say after each, how much they learned regardless of their own experience and just how much fun they had too! Already looking forward to the next ones! Nice job yet again Tim!!!!

-Kara (Coached since May 2012)


This post goes out to my top notch A #1 coach, Tim Long. I ran my second NFEC this year and with Tim's coaching and guidance I went into this one totally prepared. You gave me great insight into the nuances of racing with a customized training plan, effective strategies and a ton of support. This combination made it possible for me to run a solid race. I know you have a lot of athletes to coach. It is obvious that you are invested in each one of us. Thank you for always being available to answer my questions and provide really helpful feedback. Training with you made HUGE difference. 

It is great having a bad a$$ coach who is such a bad a$$ runner himself.
-Claude (Coached since June 2012)


Tim's best attribute as a coach is that he doesn't mince words; it's straight-up -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I might not share his competitive drive or talent (though I'm certainly more competitive than I like to admit), but his guidance off and on the trail motivates me to keep to the structure needed. I spent 2011 (June to November) training by bits and pieces I gleaned from the blogosphere, books, and magazines, but I find Tim's guidelines to be of much greater benefit. Endless reading and chasing my brother got me started, but Tim raises the bar. This is done by creating a training schedule (portions of which I once thought impossible) designed around my approach to trail running and competing, but with an added edge that encourages me to be as competitive as my 48 year old engines can be. I am very disciplined, and Tim responds to that (in my case, it wouldn't work otherwise!). But he also knows when to provide a reality check. When I found out an injury wasn't as bad as expected, Tim still guided me to basically sit out November (boring!, but wow I was fast in January!). 

The way his personalized training schedule cycles between races is fascinating, and I actually look forward to each week's torture (I hate the hill repeats, they HURT), eventually the planned rests are beneficial and taper or re-set weeks seem way too easy (what seemed impossible is now possible). He's taught me about in-race fueling and pacing, moving from walking-to-hiking-to-running. It's stuff like that that you just can't figure out easily from blogs or books; but you'll figure the bad parts out while bonking or cramping miles from aid or the finish!  And it works. I don't care about my placings (well of course I do) but I at a few 50Ks I've actually felt in it even with almost 8,000 feet of climbing under my feet.  

Although I run in a community of ultrarunners, including my brother, I think coaching provides a somewhat impartial avenue for improvement. It's not because someone is yelling in my ear, Tim can't -- he's hundreds of miles away and we only run together a few times a year; it's because I know someone will be looking at my log (I put results in a shared google spreadsheet that he's formatted and I share GPS files). Often times he comments, other times he replies with his GPS route that makes mine look silly. More often it's the next step in the regime, a race suggetion, and/or guidance based on my questions and his experienced observation. It's been worth the price of admission to any event, and it gave me the confidence to lose in the Western States Lottery and immediately enter the San Diego 100 where I happily finished and began searching for more, less than a year after hitting the trail. Like I said, it works.
-Craig (coached since November 2011)


I've used Tim as a coach for a little over a year now and the results show the value. I finished my first 100 in 2011 (22hr. and change) and set a PR at 50 miles by almost 2 hours (8hr. 13min. at Dick Collins Fire Trails...not the easiest of courses). Tim developed a program for me that understood my commitment to FAMILY and work; basically, he got it done without ridiculously high mileage weeks. Tim's not overly fancy, doesn't do a bunch of targeted HR work (like I was used to with cycling) but bases your workouts more on your perceived effort. In my opinion this is the way to go; ultras are so long and the runner must reassess their personal situation so many times that no gadget can replace the runner's brain...their perception. That said, you may have to do an HR test or two at the beginning of a program to get a baseline. All-in-all, I know I've developed better endurance following Tim's instructions. I've also learned how to walk...yes, walk. An amazing skill that many ultra runners lack; walking FAST!

The runner must commit to the program. That is not to say you run through injury or sickness (Tim always helps restructure things but to understand that the program is a progression and things take time. Minutes don't miraculously fall off PR's but over time things seem to "click."  I'd say they get easier but that never happens because we'll always pick a harder race :-) We've chosen to run ultras after all!

-Darren (coached since March 2010)


In the time I've been one of Tim's athletes, I have felt stronger and more sure of my capabilities than ever. I’ve always had stamina, but I’m adding speed and confidence to my running, and have lots of new tricks up my sleeve to get me through the miles happily and healthily. I recently suffered a few setbacks in the form of a knee injury followed by a respiratory condition; Tim talked me through the rough spots and helped me get back in racing shape quickly and smoothly. His advice about everything from nutrition and hydration, to aid station efficiency, to hill climbing and descending has helped me become a smarter runner. Moreover, I’m more confident than ever about my physical and mental strength as I approach the date of my first 50 miler.

It’s not often that a very accomplished athlete in his or her own right possesses the empathy, articulateness and humor to help others to greatness, but Tim possesses all these in spades! I’m very appreciative of how his plan has worked for me thus far, and can’t wait to strengthen and deepen my running skills even more with his continued help.

-Karen (coached since April 2012)

We also offer running and racing clinics, including:

Hill running
Aid station efficiency
Race strategy
Shoe choices and selection
and more…

Personal race services offered, include:

Specific race planning - get truly ready for your big race
Fueling, hydration, electrolyte balance
Determining your optimal training paces
Mental preparedness, know how to respond to pain and adversity
Understand your competition before and during the race and know how to win

Running Camps

Info coming soon

Contact me:

Email -  footfeathers [at]

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