13 March 2014

Yard Sale on Elevation Trail

Check out the new show on Elevation Trail called MTB Yard Sale.  First guest is Race Director, Dave Grossman.

Hope you enjoy it!

And from my ride today:


  1. I wasn't sure I would like this - I'm not even vaguely a mountain biker - but it was quite interesting and entertaining. I grew up in Pagosa Springs and rarely gave the Grand Junction area a second thought, but after listing to this I need to give it several thoughts.

  2. Just a quick THANK YOU for allowing Shadow Boy & I to participate in the Thursday timed run. Him & I had a blast!! Shadow Boy & I are out of town Tuesday but will see you again next Thursday at Edgewater Brewery. Thanx again for donating your time, setting up the group, & creating a relaxing atmosphere for all parties. Cheers