23 October 2012

Weekly Ketchingup: Racing, Clinics, Great People

Eleven days in the Bay Area shot by like a bald greasy squirrel (yeah, fast).  Packed into that time was a lot, including a 50 mile trail race, three running clinics, good food, many beers, and high quality time with people I care deeply about.

Photos all by the lovely Margaret Gagnon, except the Hill Clinic shot, which was by Emily (I think).

Undivided attention.

Talking about our Leadville adventures the last three years.

Tim explaining how important IPA is for running well.

Alissa snagging a Vi gel.

Victor showing off the features of the Victory Bag.

Eat to Win clinic group.

Hill Clinic.  "Hmm, never had anyone fall off the cliff at one of these before."

Lacing up the La Sportivas for our group run.

This last weekend we held the Eat to Win and Hill Running clinics with good turnouts at both.  Tim Waggoner and I co-hosted the nutrition discussion with great questions from the participants.  The hill clinic was held at Rodeo Beach, high above the surfers where participants braved the chilly wind to learn and practice new skills.  Afterwards, we had a nice group trail run, then headed to my favorite restaurant (sorry, can't tell you; it's too crowded already) along the water where they serve beer in massive mason jars.

Thanks to Kara for all she does.  Thanks to Victor Ballesteros for attending all three clinics and giving out two new Victory Bags!  And a big thanks to Vi Fuel for providing boxes of their amazing gels, all of which were nabbed up at the clinics.  For 25% off Vi, use code TL25Off2012

I'm already looking forward to my next visit to SF at the end of next month.

I arrived home yesterday to my new mtn bike that was shipped while I was gone, so I barely had time to throw my heavy backpack on the floor before I was assembling it.

She's been christened "Hope". 
Hopefully, she'll carry me safely to the completion of the Leadman Series in a few months.

I'm very grateful to Vi Fuel for sponsoring my Leadman Series.  I truly love their product and appreciate their support.


  1. The current blog header cracks me up -- the left side, just to be clear.

    Nice ride you got. Ol' Bessie the K2 is humming along, rides great, but I can see the virtue of 29-inch wheels and the latest tech.

  2. Hi Stephanie. I'll be heading your way soon. Look forward to seeing you and Timber!

  3. Cool! If you need a place to stay, my door's always open. :)