07 June 2012

Race Preview - San Diego 100

So, instead of packing before I catch my flight to San Diego, I thought I'd waste some more time writing a quick preview of the race taking place this Saturday.

Like most ultras and 100 milers, the San Diego 100 has seen growth that even the most conservative investor would buy in to.  In 2001 there were eight finishers.  Now the race is sold out and even instituted a lottery for entry.

The course has also seen changes and is now quite a bit more difficult than it was a couple years ago.  Karl Meltzer owns the course record on the older, easier course with a time of 15:48 in 2006, when he ran uncontested (as usual) with a speedy Josh Brimhall coming in over an hour later.  For comparison, last year's winning time was 18:00, in a run by Dylan Bowman who fought off late charges by Yassine Diboun and Rod Bien in a tie for 2nd in 18:12.  I scampered in after suffering a poorly run race in 22:46 for 15th overall.  Dylan had already showered, had breakfast, and was planning his next race by the time I crossed the finish line.

Scott Mills, the Race Director, manages to organize one of the best races in the country by corralling veteran ultrarunners and otherwise amazing people as volunteers.  The energy and kindness at the aid stations is 2nd to none.  He also doesn't hold back on the goods, providing a bounty of quality schwag, including the sweet finisher's buckle, one for sub 24 and one for sub 32 hours.

For a report on my race there last year, go here http://footfeathers.blogspot.com/2011/06/san-diego-100-mile-race-report-tales.html
Patagonia shirt, thick embroidered sweatshirt, Injinji socks, bag, bottle, nutrition stuff, and buckle, all just for running a race.
This year the competition comes from a wide range with some short distance speed to wily veterans.  Here are some folks to watch for:


Jeff Browning - Oregon
Jeff has racked up so many great races that it's difficult to highlight any particular ones.  He's known not only for his speed and work ethic but also for his tenacity.  If he's chasing you down late in a race, good luck to you.  His last 100 was in Leadville last August where he nabbed 5th place in a highly competitive field.  I believe SD's course is suited to his ability.

Dan Olmstead - Oregon
Dan's speed and 100 mile ability was last seen at Western States last June where he ran 16:45 for 11th overall.  He's had some sharp results in the 50k and 50 mile distances and looks to be on form to contend for the win this weekend.

Luke Nelson - Idaho
Luke cannot be overlooked.  He ran to a 2nd place last September at the Wasatch 100.

The pool gets cloudy after that with a few guys mixing in for top 10 potential:
Adam Hewey - Washington
Fabrice Hardel - California
Joshua Finger - Pennsylvania
Keith Knipling - Virginia
Jason Perez - California
Myself - California


Shawna Thompkins - Washington
Unless Shawna runs off course and ends up in Mexico, she should take the win easily.

Larissa Polischuk - California
Should be in there for second

Michel Harman - California

The weather looks good, sunny and 80s, dipping down to 40 at night.

Live coverage should be available, check the website http://www.SanDiego100.com/.  I'm number 116.

Good luck to my buddy, D. Craig Young running his first 100!


  1. Good luck Tim. Keep an eye out for my San Antonio buddy Dave Brown, and say hello if ya see him.

  2. Looks like a really great race. Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Good luck! I'll be seeing you there, and trying to break into that top ten list you have!

  4. Good luck Tim - take care of yourself out there and have a great race!

  5. Don't suck; you'll ruin the prestige of our name.

  6. The hubbs and I are watching the splits come in...looking like you should have placed yourself higher up in your top 10 predictions! We are rooting for you and hoping you hang on to 3rd!

    1. Congrats, Footfeathers! We are looking forward to the recap!