20 April 2012

Hot Devil

Me at mile 28 of Diablo Trail Challenge 2010.  Photo Allen Lucas
With temps nearly reaching 90 degrees, tomorrow's Diablo Trail Challenge 50k should be interesting.  The point to point course, boasting 7,142 ft of climb, meanders along the South and West side of the park.  Starting at the sane hour of 8am, the race ensures even the front runners will be enjoying the mid day heat.  I ran the race in 2010 and it took me 5 hours to finish the sucker.  I'm probably in better shape now, overall, but definitely have been slacking in the training over the last month or two.

There are two sections adding up to 15 miles with just one aid station in the middle.  That's the only section I'm concerned about carrying just one handheld bottle.  I don't want to wear a vest/pack (extra heat, weight, not being able to rip off my shirt when it starts driving me nutty).  All fascinating stuff, I know.


  1. Hubs and I will be out there running our first 50k tomorrow!!
    Have a great run!!

  2. I'm sure the ladies at the race love that you're risking dehydration in order to rip your clothes off. I know I'd appreciate it if I were there. ;)