02 November 2011


"Hey, look, he's trying to bury that post about Leadville, 'cause he knew he'd get a can of whoop-ass opened on him for having the nerve to ask why people think it's so popular.  Lucky him.  I was about ready to go off on that punk."  

Naw, the Leadville post is still there and I still have the same feelings about it but I find the USATF MUT awards more interesting.  See, I kind of took the time to write my nomination for Nick Pedatella in the Open Ultrarunning award.  I also persuaded the humble runner to purchase the quite useful USATF membership (thankfully, they had a close-out special going for only $10).  Sorry you had to waste your money, Nick.  I guess your outstanding year, including four 100s (two wins, one 2nd, and the most impressive - the 13th at UTMB) didn't hold much weight for the committee.  You showed consistency, modesty, fortitude, and ability.  You made this American proud with your performance at UTMB.  Congratulations on an inspirational year of racing, Nick.

Of course, Michael Wardian won the annual award, again, and is obviously deserving of it.  We wrote a bit about the differences with the USATF ultra award here, specifically, the disinterest in the 100 mile distance.  Ironic that the headpiece distance in American ultrarunning isn't given a lot of credit with the USATF folks.

Here are this year's recipients of the MUT awards:
Mountain men open: Max King, 31, Bend, OR
Mountain men master: Tim Van Orden, 43, Bennington, VT
Mountain women open: Kasie Enman, 32, Huntington, VT
Mountain women master: Jacqueline Shakar, 51, Sutton, MA

Ultra men open – Ted Corbitt Memorial USATF Ultra Runner of the Year: Michael Wardian, 37, Arlington, VA
Ultra men master: Co-Recipients Chad Ricklefs, 44, Boulder, CO, and Mark Godale, 41, Aurora, OH
Ultra women open – The Ruth Anderson Ultrarunner of the Year Award: Meghan Arbogast, 50, Corvallis, OR
Ultra women master: Connie Gardner, 47, Medina, OH

New category awards for 2011 included:
Trail men open: Max King
Trail men master: Tim Van Orden
Trail women open: Marci Klimek, 24, Phoenix, OR
Trail women master: Jacqueline Shakar


  1. Mackey is a master ... must have let his USATF membership slide ... or didn't race in enough of their races.

  2. How can you consider NMP, he doesn't even have a blog?