04 November 2011

Daily Doodle

The block of five days not running post Pony Express (92 miles) and easing back into short runs has paid off.  My knee (tendon) still gave sharp pain even with the 30 mins of easy jogging but has improved daily.  November has become my down time, recovery, whatever it is other than racing.  I'll run every day this month but never more than 60 mins a day.  It works for me.  It keeps my base fitness filled and yet allows for physical and mental recovery/rejuvenation.  The fun of planning next year's race schedule is beginning. Of course, I have the added task of scheduling around PCTR's schedule.  Thankfully, PCTR's owner, Sarah, is a long distance running nut too, so she understands and weekends like Hardrock are left open (for now) in the PCTR schedule.  She knows the need for balance (if there is such a thing in ultrarunning) and we've already talked about a couple of the very important races I'd like to do next year.

Goodbye Redcliff Desert Reserve.  Photo: Craig Young
I've been immersed the last few days researching for a story I'm working on.  The exact angle from which I want to write it isn't clear yet, but close.  Should be a fun story once it's laid out.  The work on it will also have to be put on hold for the next couple of days while I pack my meager belongings into my car and make my way west on Monday.  I've grown from getting acquainted with the high desert and red cliff trails to forming a relationship with them.  Unlike Boulder where I bounce into and trip over 40 people on a weekend trail run, I have never seen another trail runner and nearly no other trail users here.  I feel welcomed and absorbed into the landscape and will miss the views, colors, and warmth of the now familiar reserve trails.


  1. >My knee... has improved daily

    Glad you won't have to be put down.

    And I thought I avoided people. I like my people sparse, but still around when running solo. It's partly the animal factor, partly the possibility of something going south.

    Good luck with the clown-car packing, and on your latest adventure...

  2. I think one of you (Matt or you) ought to consider a blog name change. Two blogs called InsideTrail is confusing.

  3. That photo tells me you need to work on that heel strike thing.

  4. Tim,
    I've got a hundy for ya to keep in mind for next year. I am Co-RD of a race in my hometown of McCall, ID- the Wild Idaho 100. This will be the 3rd running of the Wild Idaho races, but the first running in McCall. It will be a tough mountain race with lots of climbing (23K-ish) over summits with incredible views and mostly singletrack. Since Moab, I have poured my energies into designing the finest possible course the area provides. It will be the first week of October 2012. Check out pics on my blog. Here is a still-evolving website for the event: http://100.runwildidaho.com/
    Best wishes with your new PCTR gig.
    Sorry for the spam, but I know you love your tough hundreds:)

  5. Sorry for the delay in some comments getting published and for my delayed response. There was something wacky with comment notification and I just foundthat I had 34 unpublished comments. I'll respond to the ones where im asked a question when I have WI-fi set up tomorrow. Don't want to be banging out long winded writing on my phone!
    Ps. Jeremy. Sawtooth is on my 2012 schedule! You're the third person this week who's suggested it. Thanks.

  6. Oh, and Anonymous, there's only one inside trail and it's at www.insidetrail.com.

  7. Sawtooth? Not sure what that is. Do you mean the Sawtooth relay, the road race? I am talking about a real mountain 100 in McCall, ID. Check my blog for pics. Definitely not a road run!