07 September 2011

Wasatch 100 Preview

Photo mrc-ultra.blogspot.com
"One Hundred Miles of Heaven and Hell"

In the true spirit of American ultrarunning, when you do something tough, you look for something tougher. Inspired by the Western States 100, five entrants ran the first Wasatch 100 in 1980.  Two of them finished after 35 hours.  The next year saw a 40% increase in participation with seven people starting the race.  No one finished.  Now, after 31 years, one of the most difficult 100 mile runs in the US will see 250 “lucky” lottery winners lining up at 5am this Friday morning to start yet another odyssey through the jagged, rocky trails of the Wasatch Mountains.

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  1. For a minute, I thought you were going to say you got in Wasatch at the eleventh hour for #7.....

  2. You're not running Wasatch? Lazy bum!