18 August 2011

Leadville Notes and Life

Leaving for Leadville today and should be there by 4pm.  I feel pretty calm about the whole thing; I suppose, as I mentioned before, I'm getting comfortable with 100 miles.  This one is a little more focused than the last three.  Hardrock was just so much and came so abruptly that I really just winged that one.  Grand Mesa was a study in patience and remaining calm when faced with no course to follow.  San Diego was a bit of a letdown.  I hoped, honestly for a top 5 finish and sub 20 hour finish but, well, got into bad physical trouble, forcing me to walk slowly for 3 hours to the 50 mile aid station, then lay in a tent for over an hour, though I'm happy I was able to turn it around for a 22:46 finish, running the last couple miles in 7 min pace.  Weird experiences.  But that's one of the things I like about the 100s, the weirdness and cold reality in the magnification of small mistakes.  I feel super for Saturday's race, both physically and mentally.  Found out today for certain that Tim Waggoner (Lucho) is pacing me from Mayqueen (mile 86.5) into the finish.  So, I'll have JT (Brownie) from mile 60 to 86.5, then Lucho, who is amp-ed up about it and it, in turn, makes me AMP'D UP.  I paced Lucho last year from mile 50-100 for his 19:19 6th place finish, and that's with a massive implosion after Mayqueen where we walked almost all of the last 8 miles.  I think he's interested in making sure I (with his help) make that section our bitch this year.

Yesterday was my last day at work.  So, anyone need a marketing/pr wiz, give me a call.  I specialize in promoting and advising elite athletes (sort of like an agent) on how to maximize their sponsorship agreements and exposure.  I can do the same for any individual endeavor, including business entrepreneurship  requiring clear focus and self presentation.

I'm moving next week too (bye Boulder).  Big freaking week between now and next.  According to most medical studies, I should probably have a heart attack or stroke with all the factors going on currently.  Oddly, I take things in stride and am fairly laid back in the knowledge and experience I've gained over the last several years.  The World Futurists Society wrote an article seven years ago (I distinctly remember reading it in my favorite pub one night) predicting the key skill of future business leaders would be flexibility and a varied background.  Maybe I could apply for CEO of Apple.


  1. Good luck, in Leadville and with the move.

  2. Tim-
    Looking forward to seeing you again this weekend. I have a feeling you are going to smoke this one. Love the new website.

  3. See you in October for the Zion crossing! Only 45 miles, cake for you.

    Once I sign with the Nike Oregon Project (should be any day now) I'll give you a call about the sponsorship thing.

  4. Gonna miss you man. Looking forward to the results of your Colorado swan song here this weekend.

    Actually, I probably won't miss you because of that IT thing, and that I am thinking you will be back in the area periodically ...

  5. Hey Tim, you'll have a great race this weekend! Not sure which way you're heading with your move, but if you ever come this way just give me a ring. There are a few trails here as well as a couple of brew pubs! Take care, my friend!

  6. Shite! That was me, Rick Merriman, for the last comment.
    Rick Merriman

  7. Believe it, GZ. Can't wander too far without going to church.

    Nothing flusters you, FF. Kick some haole ass!

    Way to go, Lucho!

  8. It's a hell of a week but you certainly seem physically and mentally ready for a great race. Moving will only increase the number of places and people you know well, so continue to enjoy the adventure!