25 February 2011


Blah, stressful day yesterday capped by sissy-ing out of an easy scheduled jog left me going to bed looking forward to three solid days of training starting today.  I find it more difficult to back out or cut short a workout if I write it for the world (read: 6 people) to read.  With that in mind, the plan is:

Today - 12 relaxed miles with NMP ("M" is for modest, I'm guessing)
Saturday - 24 miles or 3.5-4 hours, race simulation (probably laps around walker ranch)
Sunday - 2.5 hour progression run, should end up being 20 miles

Next weekend (March 5 and/or 6) I'm thinking up some sort of nutty long run of apx 6 hours if anyone is interested in joining in some or all of it.

On the sweet potato front...
I half baked (insert dumb comment) the ST and added a bit of sea salt.  Raw was too much but half steamed or baked and they're actually pretty good.  Co-workers are certain I'm crazy and I have resigned myself into acknowledgment and general agreement that they may be onto something.


  1. Race simulation? What time you starting?

  2. Flexible on start time but would like to be on trail by 8am, done by noon. Leave my house by 715a.
    I could meet anyone at Chautaqua and carpool the rest of the way.

  3. I think Jaime and Nick are supposed to be in town this weekend too.

  4. Yeah, no one wants to run with me, so I didn't know they'd be here.

  5. What's more intimidating, running the R2R2R as a first "ultra," or running it with a guy who's basically becoming one of the steadier 100 milers.


  6. Hey matt.
    Who else is coming? I've only run one 100! :-)

  7. Matt's on to something there...

    So how is the energy level on the non-pretzel diet?

  8. The Grand Canyon. No better place to run your first ultra.