24 February 2011

A Look Back...

I ran for the first time in April 2002.  Here's one of my first races, the Powderhouse Pub 4 Miler.  Check out the crowd of folks for a Sunday morning race.  Love Boston.

Think I look happy enough even after running all over the hills of Somerville MA?  I still have that $12 Casio watch for runs.  Thankfully, the Oakley sunglasses met their demise at the hands of an ex-girlfriend.
Back then 6 miles was a long run for me.  I'd race 2-3 5ks-10ks each weekend.  Running has been one of the most positive impacts on my life and I'm thankful I found it.


  1. Right behind the yellow lamp post is a guy in purple shorts who must've finished before you ;-)

  2. That guy was the Somerville irish stout drinking champion and could run a 14:05 5k.

  3. I recall being fairly irked at seeing the guys who finished ahead of me at Mount Washington one year enjoying chewing tobacco.