12 January 2011

The Common Suit of Thoughts

Time.  Structure.  Spiraling.  Creativity.  Order.  Pattern.  Paradigm.  Follow.  Coincidence.  Inward.  Outward.  Meeting.  Similarity.  Separation.  Individualism.  Inversion.  Solitude.  Solipsism (and "reverse solipsism", which another wacko [who's a visual artist now living in Chicago] and I coined and developed late one night in college).

This is an exercise I've used since I was eight.  Of course the words and meanings have evolved over time.  It's the way I keep language and words corralled in my mind and invite new ones in.  It's a way to break writer's block.  It's a way to process new information.  It's a way to stretch the mostly linear routine of daily life.  Walt Whitman would spiral thoughts from particular, microscopic views to expansive, infinitival journeys, then back to the particular (particle-istic).

Try the exercise (game).  Start with a word and then add words that come to mind, then think about the "common suit" of the words.  Think about where your mind was before you began.  Where did your thoughts go during the exercise.  What are you thinking when you finish?  Have your thoughts spiraled from the mundane outward to another time, forward and backward, and then back to now, what you're doing now?

The now.

So, got out with GZ yesterday for a bitterly cold run along Boulder Creek Path, beginning at the eastern end at Arapahoe and turning around at the mountains and back.  Good effort for me.  Happy to get together with George so early in the year and hope we get to run together more regularly.  I added on a bit at home, mostly just to loosen up since I just hopped in the car right when we finished the run.  I couldn't feel my hands or face until after I took a hot shower.  McDavid sent me a new recovery suit (tights and shirt) that they designed and hand made just for me to try, so I put them on last night and wrote some feedback on fit and the graduated compression and where the stitching placement might work better.  Overall, I like the new design and fit of the recovery tights and am looking forward to the new calf sleeves they're working on next!

Bit of a scratchy throat and minor cold the last couple days and the frigid air while running doesn't help.  I'm looking forward to the PP50k this Saturday to test where I am in my training.  I want to hit the Cool Trail Run 50k (34 miler) on Feb 12 firing on all cylinders and am giddy about racing again.

Dropped back off of facebook.  I found it more aggravating than entertaining.  So, if you notice I'm not your friend any longer, have no fear.  We're still friends.  We just don't share our boring, daily rituals with one another for the rest of the world to see.


  1. I have finally chiseled off the last chunks of ice.

  2. Good stuff with the language/brain game. When I was writing (and reading) a lot more, associative prosody was my tonic. It's more pure (for me). That's how the mind works though the narrative can suffer.

    I deactivated my FB account a few weeks ago though I RARELY even bothered to look at it (I had about 12 friends).

    The whole premise is creepy, lame. Beyond just the information in one's "settings" or "profile," FB is actively gathering so much information from people in order to "bring them what they like." Of course, there are all kinds of consequences to giving all of that personal stuff to a data behemoth.

    Looks like the running is going very well.

  3. Look forward to seeing the dust fly at Cool.

  4. Fine. I'll just run down the street and tape post-its of my status on your door. You can't escape.

  5. Solipsism is a pretty small cave...

    Can't wait to see the results of all your hard work start to line up this year Tim!

  6. Agree with HT on solipsism. The reverse is to obtuse for me to comprehend (you don't exist but everything else does??? Or is it just a complete lack of ego...or something?) Maybe I don't know the correct definition of solipsism; feel free to enlighten me.


  7. Nice pleasant, metaphysical post Tim..