20 October 2010

Favorite Things

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Getting bored writing about my plodding around in running gear, so I'm writing about running gear!

Specifically, I'd like to know what the top three favorite things are in running.  It doesn't have to be limited to "gear" like shoes, watch, etc.  It can be a favorite gear but it can also be anything that you really appreciate about running.  Here's mine:

1.  When I feel light and have a fluid stride because it reminds me that we are all athletes regardless of our level.

2.  During a run writer's block doesn't exist.  Every thought is formulated in clean, expressive sentences.

3.  I like being detached from humanity.  I'm not tethered to anything or anyone when I'm out on the trails.

What are your three favorite things in relation to running?  Jennifer Connelly is my 4th.



  1. 1. When I run through the fog (as irregular as it is in CO) I feel a deep sense of being alone in the woods as all the other sounds are dampened (can also occur during a snow).

    2. As a fairly introverted person, I have an immediate bond with other runners, particularly trail/ultrarunners because of the shared battles out on the run that life otherwise does not present. When I'm in a room of people I don't know and none are runners, I am immediately aware of how weird I am and think people won't understand me.

    3. Competition. Self or otherwise, it's something I really enjoy. I get bored easily if there is nothing to shoot for, nothing to get better at, or strive for. It doesn't have to be a race or time or whatever, I can compete for anything I please. Even if that's beer miles.

  2. (1) When I end a run with more energy that when I started. It happens more than you might think.

    (2) I love the fact that I never think about work during a run. Never. I think about all sorts of things but never work. Actually, I frequently day dream while running.

    (3) Aside from the obvious flame wars that start with such a statement, I love running with my headphones. I enjoy the fast tempo of electronica and the edgy hard beats of metal. I know, I know, safety first. Still, its one of the things I love.

  3. 1. Your #1
    2. Your #2
    3. JP's #1

  4. Wow those are all good.

    Patrick's #2, that is funny. I sell software to IT people. I was sitting in a room presenting to several people today and when one of them was answering my question to them, my mind started wandering. I was thinking to myself 'look at you guys - all 50 pounds overweight, you 50 years old, no wedding rings, I bet you play kids video games all night. I can't wait to be out of here I have nothing in common with you'. They were probably thinking equally offensive thoughts about me.

  5. All great answers. Regarding Patrick's #2, I work with a bunch of people half my age, all out of shape and majority smoke and complain how far the parking lot walk can be. They think I'm a nut bag when I tell them I'm running 50 miles on a weekend. "Is that over three days? How long do you sleep during it? Where do you eat?" Running is an odd activity but it helps define so many of us.

    JP, don't worry about causing a ruckus with your ipod use. There aren't enough people reading my blog to fill a utility closet.

  6. Jennifer Connelly is so beautiful.

    1) Running makes me feel better about myself.
    2) Running isn't something I can explain to anyone but other runners, and they're the ones that don't need any explaining to. I love that.
    3) Running hard enough and fast enough that my lungs get that deep-down raw feeling and I can taste blood in my throat, and I know I've just earned myself another beer. :)

  7. Yeah, Steph, you're not too hard on the eyes either!

    Funny how something many people dread can make them feel better about themselves...but they'll never know this fact.